Qualified education agent can make your life a lot smoother and easier.

  • Professional team: all our staff are highly qualified and experienced to assist you from all angles. We understand that each customer is unique with different needs and requirements and able to help them to create a successfully future in NZ & Australia.
  • Maximum your options: we can give you a lot of information about the various universities. After discussing what kind of institution you are looking for, we will help you sort through your options to find the right institution and course for you.
  • Expert Knowledge: we have an excellent knowledge of the tertiary education sector and can provide you with all the information you need about the application process and what studying in NZ & Australia is really like.
  • Profession assistance on application process and visa applications: will help you to complete the application forms and will deal directly with the institution on your behalf, which will take some of the work out of the application process for you.